New Quick Cut CNC Engraver

Our CNC engraver is a 9" x 12" fixed gantry machine that is specialized to fit in cluttered work environments. Perfect for hobbies and crafts, make your own signs and plaques!
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New Quick Cut CNC Engraver

Postby AJ Quick » Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:17 am

We had posted about this on our Facebook a few hours ago. It is a new CNC design that we've been working on and we're very happy with. It is a fixed gantry design, which makes it ideal for a cluttered desktop... no moving gantry to risk getting hung up on something. It is also rather compact. The cutting area is 9" x 12", and is several inches smaller than our Kickstarter machine. It also uses our brand new plastic injection molded parts.



Due to its simplicity and smaller size (in addition to our plastic injection molded parts). Its likely to have a price range of $399 to $449. (Not including electronics or motors).

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Re: New Quick Cut CNC Engraver

Postby eko » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:11 pm

Probably the best open source design for CNC is from QuickCut.

Have you ever try to engrave pcb with quickcut cnc? 0.5/0.8 mil maybe? Is this new design (quickcut engraver) will improve the precision? Is there any reason why using different leadscrew setup for z-axis (12 rev, other axis 5 rev) in quickcut cnc? What should I do to improve quickcut cnc precision for pcb prototyping?

Please bare with me if I ask too many question. I'm new to CNC.

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Re: New Quick Cut CNC Engraver

Postby tscroot » Tue May 07, 2013 8:08 pm

Looks cool! A few questions:

I bought the $200 level kickstarter blocks set. Can my blocks be used to make this? What about the controller?

When will this be available? Will it only be sold as a complete kit or I can just buy the additional parts I need What about plans to just make it? What sort of tool does it use? (I assume something different than a router). Thanks!

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